Travel: Puerto Escondido

Six-meter-tall waves. Colorful surfboards on mopeds. Fragrant tlayudas roasting over an open fire. Gigantic sea turtles peering out from among the waves. Condensation on a piña colada glass. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.   If you’re looking for a unique and quaint beach vacation, Puerto Escondido checks all the boxes. Though not as hidden as the name … Continue reading Travel: Puerto Escondido

“God loves you”… does He though?

Fine raindrops patter on my skin as I climb out of my car to head into the store. I almost reach the awning when he approaches me. No more than fourteen, he already carries a hopeless aura. “Can you give me work?” he mumbles, his eyes not quite meeting mine. I don’t have any jobs … Continue reading “God loves you”… does He though?