Just A Person


Lately I’ve thought a lot about how we place people on different levels.

There are our heroes, whether they’re actors, musicians, or sports figures, whom we elevate to almost godlike pedestals. We follow them on Twitter, stalk them on Instagram, and live for daily updates about their personal lives. We cringe when they get into trouble, and cheer when they achieve a new level of success in their field.

Then there are  ’normal’ people if you will. Our peers, whom we deem to be on our level. We hold them to our standards of behavior. We judge them when they don’t follow our unspoken rules of conduct. We grudgingly applaud them when they excel.

And then, last and least, are the people beneath our little niche. We look the other way while we pass them in the aisle of the grocery store, lest anyone should associate us with them. We ignore them on the corners of our streets, holding up their cardboard signs. We discard them as worthless and deem them as beneath us.

This is wrong. Wrong and foolish and dangerous. To quote John Green, “What a treacherous thing to believe a person is more [or less] than a person.” At the end of the day, we’re all the same. All of us were created in God’s image. All of us messed up that image by sinning. All of us have access to God’s grace. All of us can come to Him and be renewed.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the hockey star with a $6.5M salary or the unsmiling Walmart cashier scraping by on the minimum wage. It doesn’t matter if their Facebook posts get three likes or 300,000. No matter who they are, it is ultimately wrong to think of them as anything more or anything less than what they are: just a person.


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