Lucky, God, and I

He came into our lives uninvited and, I have to admit, unwelcomed. Scruffy and shabby, he came wandering into our farm on a warm day in the summer of 2012. His black coat was unkempt, his small body thin and trembling. He was a little stray dog.He was just a puppy with lonely eyes that cried for touch. His tail hung between his legs as he came sniffing around our yard, staring at us wistfully. His nervous habits hinted at a life of abuse. We tried to chase him off, but he always came back. Finally after a few days, I said to my sister, “Let’s let him stay.”

“He’s dirty.” She made a face. “He’s such a miserable-looking little thing.”

“Maybe all he needs is love.”

At first, we couldn’t get near enough to him to love him. But eventually we won his trust. Luz managed to cut off the piece of baling twine from around the puppy’s neck. Then we gave him a much-needed bath. We called him Lucky, after a lovable canine character from a favorite children’s book we had (also because he was lucky to have found us, and we him). We fed him cat food until we got dog food, tied a wide silver ribbon around his neck, and bought bones for him to chew on. With a little patience, we taught him to sit, stay, and the meaning of the word ‘no’.

And we love him.

And he loves us.

His tail, now proudly up in the air, wags in delight when we call his name. He’s claimed our yard as his, and loves quad rides and belly rubs.

It’s funny- he didn’t do a thing to deserve the good home we gave him. He still doesn’t. He never earned the silver ribbon or the doggie treats. He doesn’t have to either. Both parties are entirely happy as long as Lucky behaves and loves us in return. That’s all we expect.

Sound familiar? I thought so. There’s a striking comparison between Lucky and me. I came to God needy, filthy, and hopeless. Instead of running me off though, God opened His arms and drew me in. He gave me a robe of righteousness, the Bread of Life, and a new name.

His requirements are pretty simple too: “to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8 NLT


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