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Four-year-old Hailey climbs out of her Daddy’s big truck and trails after him while he looks at some big pieces of farm machinery. To her they’re all the same green and yellow pieces of metal, but she’s content to hold unto Daddy’s hand and wander through the yard of implements.
After a while, the dealer walks up to Daddy and they start talking prices and using big words Hailey doesn’t understand. She slips away and climbs up a big planter which she pretends is a castle. When she’s explored every ‘tower’ of her castle, she moves on to a different implement.
Hailey spins around and screams. A big black dog with gleaming white teeth appears out of nowhere, snarling at her.
She doesn’t think twice. With a flying leap, she’s on the ground running. Her pigtails stream behind her as she races to safety, to Daddy.
Daddy sees her coming and hurries to meet her. Hailey throws herself into Daddy’s open arms. He lifts her to his shoulders and she feels her heart rate drop back to a normal beat.
After a while, she peers down. The big black dog is sniffing around a seed drill. He knows that he can’t do anything to Hailey as long as she’s up on Daddy’s shoulders.


Like Hailey, we run into big mean problems as well. And we’re lucky if they’re only big blacks dogs (and I have a *healthy* fear of big mean dogs ;))! More often our sources of fear are unseen. We fear the future, we shudder at the past, and are confused about the present. We, hopefully, grow out of our terror of the dark, constant fear of natural disasters, and fright of the neighbors’ friendly big dogs. Instead of fearing the known, we fear the unknown.

But like Hailey, we have a safe place to run to. We too have a Daddy who’s eager to sweep us up in his almighty arms and lift us to safety. And in his arms, we are above the spiritual darkness around us. Satan can’t touch us if we’re hidden in Jesus.

A couple of years ago, I was at a very vulnerable point spiritually. I was exhausted physically and emotionally. It was then that the truth of God as my refuge hit me. God is there. He doesn’t change no matter how crazy our circumstances become. I wrote the following poem during those days. (Disclaimer: Poetry is not my strong suit. I don’t pay attention to meters and rhythm and all that. I just tend to write as the words come 🙂 I hope you enjoy it with all its imperfections! )


dread, defeat, and desperation muddled my night
but i see no hope even when i see morning light
the day looks very long
the temptations strong
i only wish
i could be


the threats scream from within and without
as i am tempted your faithfulness to doubt
the future looms dark
but you’re in my heart
i whisper
just keep me


my trust is shaky, my faith is clobbered by fears
my hope burns low as my eyes fill with tears
the battle is fierce
but God my plea hears
i know he can
keep me


i surrender to you, i put my trust in you
i’ll seek your will in whatever i will do
the night is deep
but i can sleep
God is awake
he’ll keep me


Aaaand.. here’s a song I absolutely love! ‘I Am Yours’ by Lauren Daigle … Be blessed!


4 thoughts on “Refuge

  1. AMEN!!! To be hidden in Jesus and just be safe. I feel so privileged, to have this Father I can run to and trust to sweep me up to safety, always!
    Thanks for the writing Jenni!!! Blessings to you:)

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