To See Beauty

DSCN5635.JPGRainbows arching across the sky. Butterflies flitting over a field of yellow flowers. Fields of golden wheat swaying under a canopy of clouds. A bald eagle surfing the currents of the wind. Sticky fingers of a toddler grasping a swing. Blue-gray eyes shining with passion during a debate.

What do these have in common? Simply, they’re beautiful. I think so often we tend to make beauty too complicated. We think in order for something to be beautiful it needs to be perfect. We think of the Rockies as majestic. We consider Niagara Falls impressive. We see the ocean as being grand.

Sometimes it bothers me that so many people pass by the little wonders in life. They see a little red ladybug scurrying over an emerald green leaf, but brush it off as a nuisance. Sure, I get that bugs in your garden aren’t wished for, but I wish more people would see beauty in ordinary things like that.

Please take time to study the delicate ombré shades of pink of a rose petal. Notice the contrasting stripes of the worm on your dill weed (seriously, those worms are pretty!). Trace the veins on a leaf with your finger. God is an amazing artist. Yes, he made super awesome mountains and rivers and sunsets, but he also made cute little things like bugs, dandelions, and rocks (yes, I used be a diligent little rock hoarder). If only the ‘big’ things inspire us, there’s something wrong with our mentality.

Finding beauty doesn’t cost us a cent. We can all find beauty in our backyards, on our country roads, in our own neighborhood.

The same thing goes for people. Again, perfection is overrated.  Flaws are what makes us human. We all have them. You do, and so do the people around you. But everyone consists of beauty as well.

It’s frustrating to me how often I tend to notice the flaws before seeing the beauty in people. Their character or personality imperfections seem to jump out, causing their talents to fade in the obscure background. Lately, when I feel the urge to get annoyed about someone’s flaws, I try to remember to go for the gold in the person. And you know what? I never have to think long. Seriously, people are made of pure gold; sometimes it’s only hidden by a layer of dust. Whether it’s your waiter or your family member, you can find something good in each person.

Too often our perception of true beauty is clouded by outwardly appearance. We go by what we see. That’s awfully deceptive though. I like how one author put it:

If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different would our ideals of beauty be.  

Beauty isn’t some vague perfection we must dig for. It’s there, waiting to be seen. It’s in the art of nature, it’s in the personalities of our friends, it’s in us… if we keep our eyes open.



Next month’s topic: Discovering Joy (If I don’t change my mind!)


3 thoughts on “To See Beauty

  1. Thanks Jeanette, for doing a post on beauty. I really liked the reminder of looking for the gold in people instead of seeing only the dust. Amen, God is an amazing Artist!

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