To Know Or Not to Know


We are an information-obsessed generation. We need to know, and we want to know now. I don’t know if people have always been this passionate about being in the know, or if it’s a recent development. Maybe our Victorian era counterparts craved knowledge as much as we do today.

But at any rate, we unarguably  have up-to-date  information at our fingertips unlike any other generation. With a couple of taps on our phone screens, we can find the answers to basically any question. Whether we’re curious about the capital city of Turkey; the meaning of raconteur; home remedies for migraines; the pronunciation of the name Siobhan (spoiler: It’s kinda pretty!); Trump’s latest rants; the lyrics to a line in a song that we never quite understand; the death toll of a recent earthquake;  or how to make the perfect Asian chicken, we’re covered. We can find dozens of interpretations and explanations of each in seconds.

I love it. I absolutely love being able to access unlimited depths of information at any time. And I believe the technology that enables this can be a good thing.

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And yet, at the same time, our generation is at risk of losing certain values because of this. Lately I’ve been thinking about faith and trust. And I wonder if technology impacts this area of our spiritual life. We have become accustomed to knowing the answers to all our questions. We are used to being about to finding answers within minutes if not seconds. But what if the answers we seek aren’t ‘googleable’? What if God doesn’t answer our prayers within seconds of us breathing the words? What if no sign drops from heaven the moment we ask God for direction? Are we okay with waiting to know? Do we balk at the prospect of waiting, walking by faith, trusting God even when it seems He’s silent?

When we are confronted with decisions about career choices, a marriage partner, or other large decisions, we need to be okay with not knowing within seconds. No, we need to learn to be more than just okay. We need to embrace the reality of trusting God with blind faith. We need to discover the joys of praising while we wait for answers, even if it takes longer than 0.82 seconds.

I’m not sure how to learn to enjoy waiting on God or walking by faith. The prospect of being happy without knowing all the ‘whys’, ‘hows’, and ‘whens’ of my dilemma goes against my very nature. But I see the ability to trust God when we don’t have any answers as beyond priceless. I want and need to learn how to do this.

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