Reading (and why you shouldn’t do it)

You need to stop reading books. Why? Because if you read:

  1. Your vocabulary expands. By reading, you learn new words. You begin using words that others don’t understand. That makes communication difficult. Not good.
  2. You spend a lot of money on books. Even if you buy your books used, you still end up paying a dollar or two for a book. You could use that money on something else… like a bag of chips.
  3. You waste your time. You could be playing Candy Crush on your phone. Put down your book. Pick up your phone.
  4. It ruins your decor. Put up books on your shelves? NO! Put up some ceramic elephant figurines or dusty silk flowers in a plastic vase
  5. You waste brain storage. For what do you need that brain storage? I don’t know. Just don’t fill your brain with stuff you learn from books.
  6. You appear intelligent. Reading makes you look smart. And why is that a bad thing? If you look dumb, people expect less from you. It’s safer.
  7. Your horizons broaden by reading. When you read books, you begin to care about people and ideas very different from your own. You change. It’s safer to only care about yourself and like three other people in your immediate community.

    So there you go. Stop reading! Anyway, be blessed and if you have a particularly tempting book, I’d love to hear about it!f7b766be2ce4447f85155e41869b11d7books3925188c77b97b49012dd45c989feb8c16227ed5ae6442f74e34ceb65d1429cb


6 thoughts on “Reading (and why you shouldn’t do it)

  1. Hahaha!😂 TOO LATE! Why didn’t you warm me sooner? The irony and the wittiness just flow from these satirical lines of sarcasm… Haha, KEEP READING! We are a doomed bunch anyway… Wait! Did you actually understand me?
    Yes, fill your mind, especially with the best Book of them all! It’s alive, eternal and true!

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