Only Girls

So I have two sisters. Sometimes when I tell new acquaintances that, they’re all like, “Only girls? No brothers? Wow. Your childhood must’ve been so quiet and boring.” Maybe they don’t use those exact words, but that’s what they mean. That annoys me. I mean, I don’t know what your sisters are like, but mine … Continue reading Only Girls


Seeing God

One of the things I find interesting about people is how they see God in different ways. Some see God in the tiny details of creation. Awe fills their hearts as they study the intricate patterns of leaf, the symmetry of a weed flowers, or the shiny exoskeleton of a bug. They see how much … Continue reading Seeing God

Reflections 2017 & Resolutions 2018

For every ending, there is a new beginning; for every memory, there is a dream ahead. The time between Christmas and New Years is confusing. Technically you’re no longer in the holidays, but it’s not back to normal routine either. It’s the perfect time to finish off some Christmas leftovers. It’s also a wonderful time … Continue reading Reflections 2017 & Resolutions 2018