I did something very foolish the other day. Well, the other night, to be exact. I watched a video. Of a guy eating tacos. And not just any tacos. Beautiful, spicy tacos! These juicy tacos with these perfect corn tortillas. And he had a huge amount of them... Then I watched a video of some … Continue reading Foooood


Rachel and Hannah: Character Comparison

The similarity between their situations is almost uncanny. They were both married. Both of their marriages were polygamous. They were both the favourite wife of their respective husbands. Both of their husbands’ other wife had kids. They didn’t. Both desperately wanted children. Eventually both had a son. As similar as their stories are, the contrasts … Continue reading Rachel and Hannah: Character Comparison

the case of Tyflos and Sklira

There was a plague in the land of Gaea1. Not that this was anything new. Amartia, the name of the disease, had been around for a very long time. For as long as everybody and their great-grandparents’ great-grandparents could remember, this horrible illness had tortured the inhabitants of the land. It seemed that the majority … Continue reading the case of Tyflos and Sklira