I always find the question “What’s your favourite season?” hard to answer. But if you asked me right now, I’d probably go with autumn. We’re in such a lovely season right now! Seriously, what’s not to like? To celebrate this beautiful time, I made a little list of some of my favourite things about fall! … Continue reading Autumn


Pssst…did you hear?

We’ve talked about our jobs, her sister’s wedding, my plans to visit South America later this winter. I feel our conversation is about end in stalemate when the door of the coffee house opens. My friend peers at the people entering. Her lips form the letter O. I crane my neck slightly. “What?” I ask. … Continue reading Pssst…did you hear?

One More Night with the Frogs

"This isn’t funny anymore,” I stated, indicating that at some point it had been funny. Which it never had been. As if on cue, Cook came hustling into the living room. “I’m sorry, Princess. Your lunch will be a tad late. I turned from the dough for just a second to light the stove and … Continue reading One More Night with the Frogs