Pssst…did you hear?

We’ve talked about our jobs, her sister’s wedding, my plans to visit South America later this winter. I feel our conversation is about end in stalemate when the door of the coffee house opens. My friend peers at the people entering. Her lips form the letter O. I crane my neck slightly. “What?” I ask. … Continue reading Pssst…did you hear?


These are my children 

  GUEST POST You are about to read a beautiful writing for which I cannot take credit. One of my friends, a high school senior in my school, wrote this essay for a Literature class assignment. I had the privilege of reading it. Its message resonated deeply with me, and I asked her permission to … Continue reading These are my children 

Just A Person

Lately I’ve thought a lot about how we place people on different levels. There are our heroes, whether they’re actors, musicians, or sports figures, whom we elevate to almost godlike pedestals. We follow them on Twitter, stalk them on Instagram, and live for daily updates about their personal lives. We cringe when they get into … Continue reading Just A Person