I did something very foolish the other day. Well, the other night, to be exact. I watched a video. Of a guy eating tacos. And not just any tacos. Beautiful, spicy tacos! These juicy tacos with these perfect corn tortillas. And he had a huge amount of them... Then I watched a video of some … Continue reading Foooood


The Real Jesus

If you know me, you know what I look like. For those of you who don’t, I’m a really tall, slim Caucasian woman. My hair is a medium brown, and my eyes hazel. There, now that you know that, let’s go pretending. Let’s say four of your friends are discussing me. Friend A says, “Jeanette? … Continue reading The Real Jesus

Christmas: The Moral of the Story

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again. Happy music in all the stores. Family dinners. More chocolate than is good for anyone. Presents wrapped in red and green, silver and blue. Gatherings full of joy and giving. And all the messages and interpretations of what Christmas means. Okay, so we all know that … Continue reading Christmas: The Moral of the Story