Coming Home (part four)

Part Four {Luke 15:14-19}  Click on the following links to read the first parts of the story!    (part one)   (part two)  (part three) A few months later…. “The sign up front says you’re hiring.” I slapped my resume down on the greasy countertop. The man in the formerly white apron scrutinized me. “Yeah, sure am.” I lifted … Continue reading Coming Home (part four)


Thankful for… Pain?

“How many of you have felt pain?” I asked my students, as we opened our science books to a chapter on the nervous system. Nineteen hands shot into the air. Some shared stories of broken bones, burns, and other mishaps. Then I asked another question. “How many of you have thanked God for the pain?” … Continue reading Thankful for… Pain?

To Know Or Not to Know

  We are an information-obsessed generation. We need to know, and we want to know now. I don’t know if people have always been this passionate about being in the know, or if it’s a recent development. Maybe our Victorian era counterparts craved knowledge as much as we do today. But at any rate, we … Continue reading To Know Or Not to Know