Coming Home (part five)

The fifth and final part of Coming Home!


Coming Home (part four)

Part Four {Luke 15:14-19}  Click on the following links to read the first parts of the story!    (part one)   (part two)  (part three) A few months later…. “The sign up front says you’re hiring.” I slapped my resume down on the greasy countertop. The man in the formerly white apron scrutinized me. “Yeah, sure am.” I lifted … Continue reading Coming Home (part four)

Coming Home (part three)

Many, many months later… “Ew.” I dangled a sock from my fingertips. By the looks of it, a whole ecosystem thrived on its insides. “Sorry.” Taylor looked up from his sheet music. “I must’ve left it. It’s been missing for weeks now.” “Okay, take it back to your place then.” I dropped it back on … Continue reading Coming Home (part three)